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4 money-making ideas for short-term


This could be your passion. Whatever you fantasize about during the day when you’re not working… That could be a possible email marketing business. If you like sports, you’re in a sacred place because that niche is insanely monetizable. If you like personal development and Tony Robbins kind of stuff… That’s also a huge niche. If you like sex and you’re good at it, there’s a market for that too (lol)… If you like knitting there’s a market for that.

So you get the idea… Find out what you ENJOY doing and make an email business around that.

HOW Do You Know If A Niche Is Monetizable?

There’s a few factors that tell you instantly if a niche is worth it or not.

Or if you just want to skip the process…

Go with the internet marketing / make money online niche.

That’s what most people do. And if you have bought at least a couple of information products in the past you probably know more than the average person who’s looking to make money online. That DOES NOT qualify you to actually sell them methods on making money online. But you can easily sell affiliate stuff that way, since you’re already in the niche and you are passionate about making money online 🙂


If you’re going to a knitting community trying to sell them how to make word documents… You probably wouldn’t make any money.

You have to know what people want in your niche. And you do that by LISTENING:

In a nutshell, be proactive and attentive in your niche and you’ll know what they want.

That’s also a part of copywriting, which is a skill you should learn overtime.

If you don’t know what people want, you can’t sell it to them.


Part 1: Make an optin page about what they want.

If you’re in the golf niche you could make an ‘optin bribe’ that promises them “10 Easy Hacks To Improve Your Swing By 10 Yards” or something like that… Hey you’re the golf expert, not me. I’m the marketing expert, remember?

Bottom line: Give them a TASTE of what they want for free in exchange for their email.

You’ll need a page builder to create an optin page.

Clickfunnels is a good funnel-building tool that helps you build optin pages and all kinds of other pages you will need in the future by providing you with awesome templates that change making optin pages from a $500 task outsourced to a team of designers and developers into a 15 minute thing you could easily do yourself. Clickfunnels has been a life saver for my business, to say the least.

Part 2: Buy their attention towards your optin page.

Now you need to figure out where they hang out.

If you’re in the Internet Marketing niche, Solo Ads are the way to go because most people are on those lists.

If you’re in any other niche just place your ads on:

Those are the highest converting traffic sources for now in any niche, generally speaking.

You place an ad in your desired ad platform. Send the traffic to your optin page. Let it spend up to $100 and see how much money you made back. Could be less than 100 could be more. Depends on your funnel structure.


Once you know what they want, you want to sell it to them WHILE delivering what they NEED in order to obtain their desired outcome.

The highest converting offer on clickbank for a while was The Venus Factor.

They sell them on the idea that they can drop up to 8 dress sizes, which a lot of women want… But they actually deliver good content on diets and workouts.  So, find out what your customers WANT. And give it to them, in exchange for money.

By the way, if you are looking to join Clickfunnels, I am giving bonuses worth $2500 if you join through my link.

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