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Have you always wanted to start your own business? Dreamed of a laptop lifestyle? Are you tired of working for others and wish you could work from anywhere in the world? Have you tried so many business opportunities here and there but with no success? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place, keep on reading.

My name is Manoj Belbase and I am an online marketer/entrepreneur. Before I talk about my entrepreneurial journey, let me share with you my little backstory.

After working in a profession, I hated (Chef) for almost 10 years, I finally decided to leave it for good. I was always trying here and there (online) while still at Cooking job but never really had any success. Working for someone else has never made sense to me. I always wanted to work for myself but did not know how. After buying course after course and following gurus, I still was struggling to make any notable progress in my online journey.

The real change came when I finally decided to quit my job even though I was only making about $100 a week on my Shopify store. I had no choice left. I had to either make it work or go back to looking for a job again, which I would not do at any cost.

Fortunately enough, I came across an eCom course which showed me everything I needed to know about starting a eCom store. I was finally able to make sales, following the exact steps taught in that course. Since then, I have successfully run numbers of eCom stores and been involved in many affiliate programs. My goal is to help people like me (who don’t believe in working for others) follow their passion and start successful online business.

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