Top Marketing Secrets You Can Implement Right Now To Grow Your Business (Part 8)

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Marketing Secrets

Secret #29 The Dream 100 List

Find 100 people who you can build relationships with, and your company will grow bigger than you ever imagined. The idea is simple and based on the concept that people do business with people, not companies. Leverage other Attractive Characters who have built trust and loyalty with their audience. The Dream 100 works for any business and industry. It takes time and money, but it comes back to you again and again. Just one Dream 100 connection can increase your business 10 times overnight.

Secret #30 Attracting The Right Customer

Attract business owners and instead opportunity seekers. Opportunity seekers is a hard crowd because the opportunity seekers are usually just jumping from idea to idea. Opportunity seekers who weren’t business owners don’t care about the book because they don’t have anything to test. Target people who are already in the business. To create the best bait in your business, first think about who your dream client is. Write down everything about them, and then figure out what’s going to be most sexy to them. Cast your net deep rather than wide. You won’t have as many people when you make such specific bait, but those people you catch will be highly qualified. Create the bait and give it away with a free + shipping offer so they pay to be on your list.

Qualified leads are so much more important than list size or quantity. You’ll notice that we don’t even have any free offers outside of our shipping offers. People must become customers in order to join our list. When you begin to see list building in this light, it becomes clear that your bait must be REALLY good in order to get them to buy their way onto your list.

Secret #31 Invest In A Players

People wrongly assume that to be an expert they need to be the smartest person in the room. But that’s completely backward. Your expertise grows when you surround yourself with smart A players who can make you look good. Don’t find the cheapest help or create a team of B players. You will end up looking bad and paying more.

When you invest in A players, they are massively more productive than B players. When you’re just starting out, you might try to get B and C players because it’s cheaper, but in reality it’s way more expensive in the long run. One A player can do the work of 10, 15, or 20 people. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true.

The best way to find A players is to hire three people to do a small project. Pay for three versions of what you need. Pick the best and give that person the next project. If they do well, give them more. This way, you’ll always have A players on your team. In order to be an expert, you shouldn’t surround yourself with people who know less than you. Instead, build a team of experts who know more and can do things better. It will elevate you and your company much more quickly than a team of B players would.

Secret #32 Don’t Be An Amateur

Amateurs focus on the front end; experts focus on the back end. Experts see the lifetime value of each customer and are willing to invest on the front end for additional sales down the road. Be willing to lose some money on the front end to get loyal customers on the back-end. Understand the life time value of a customer.

Secret #33 Decade In A Day

You become an expert more quickly when you acquire information for your business that took other people decades to learn. There are people who spend 10 years learning something and then they write a book. Then any person off the street can pick up the book and learn in an afternoon what took someone else a decade to learn.

If you need something, and you’ve been reading and studying but not implementing, it might be for one or two reasons. One, you might not have made a big enough investment yet, or two, you might need the actual expert to give you a personalized brain dump that gives you the fuel to move forward. All business owners have one of the cruelest limitations in the world— time. The shortcut to acquiring expertise is to pay your way into a decade’s worth of knowledge in a day by investing as needed.

Secret #34 Become A Student Of Marketing

If you want to become a good marketer, learn from other marketers who are already good at it. Subscribe to their news letter, buy their products and see how they are positioning themselves.

So many times people who are trying to learn marketing get upset with it. No matter what your expertise or industry, you must become a student of marketing if you want to beat your competition.

And not just a student, an OBSESSED student.

To be continued…

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