Top Marketing Secrets You Can Implement Right Now To Grow Your Business (Part 10)

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Secret #41 Keep Tweaking Your Offers Until They Start Working

Offers rarely work the first time. Too many people give up too fast. We have to rebuild offers all the time. Is it annoying? Sure. Is it a lot of work? Yes. If your offer doesn’t work, tweak it. Just keep working it and working it. Eventually, if you stick with it and keep studying, learning, and figuring out how to make it work, you’ll get the right formula. But you can’t just give up after one attempt. Too many people just give up. That’s probably the difference between successful marketers and other people. Just keep pushing it and working it until it works.

Secret #42 Create A New Opportunity Instead Of Improvement Offer

Nobody wants to be sold something that will make them “just a bit better” than who they are right now. This is called an improvement offer and 98% of the population will hate it. If you’re selling weight loss, who wants to lose only three pounds by doing the same thing they are doing now, just a bit more or differently? If you’re selling relationship advice, who wants a partner who’s similar to the ones they have had in the past…just a little bit nicer?

Improvement offers are annoying and turn off your customer, because at the root of this type of offer is an insult: “You should buy XYZ in order to be better.” In order to buy into that statement, they have to admit they need improving. Starting the sale with an insult never goes well. Instead, your offer must sell a new opportunity. If your prospect is driving around in a Volvo, you need to present her with an Audi. It’s a new car and a new opportunity. It’s called the opportunity switch. Your product or service is showing them that they must get out of the car they’re in and get into your new car. When you create a new opportunity, your competition vanishes.

Secret #43 Stack, Don’t Switch

When you provide a new opportunity for your customer, all the offers that come after that one must be stacked, not switched. In the last secret, you learnt how important it is that your offer be a new opportunity and not just an improvement from their old ways. If you’re selling weight loss and they are doing the Atkins diet, you provide a WHOLE new opportunity with the Bulletproof diet.

Once you’ve sold them an offer that creates this new vehicle, all the offers that follow must be things you can stack onto that opportunity. People will tire of you if you’re introducing a new opportunity with each new product. It will feel cheap. They’ll think, Well, you told me this last offer was my new opportunity and now you have a new one? You can’t expect them to get in and out of the vehicle again and again. Rather, create offers that make that new vehicle better, faster, and more amazing. Your business should offer one new opportunity, then everything else should stack up with it to make it even more incredible.

Secret #44 The Power Of The Bonus

A bonus is a marketing superpower. It creates scarcity and value and takes hesitant prospects to the point of sale faster than anything else. We have all seen those late-night infomercials where a guy is excitedly selling a pack of knives that are so amazing they can sculpt a watermelon into the bust of George Washington. You’ll notice that the entire commercial focuses on the one thing that product does super well. They don’t talk about all the other parts of the offer — the bonuses — until the end. The bonuses are like the last little bits of the offer that push people over the edge to make the sale.

So, if you’re watching the commercial and you’re just about ready to buy (maybe there’s a tiny tidbit of hesitation), now the bonuses are introduced. Not only do you get the original set of knives, you get a cutting board and a knife sharpener and a knife block and this extra knife that you can’t buy anywhere else! You’ll notice that bonuses make the original product… Work better (like a knife sharpener), Work more efficiently (like the knife block for storage), More complete (like the cutting board), More special (the extra knife that you can’t find anywhere else).

If you picture your prospect near a cliff, each bonus nudges him farther and farther until he takes the plunge. Bonuses also create scarcity. You can use them to reward people for acting quickly by saying, “The first 10 people who buy get these bonuses” or “These bonuses expire in 24 hours.” This works for event offers too. Make sure every offer, no matter what kind, has bonuses.

Secret #45 The Power Of Continuity

Find a way to build recurring revenue into your business with a continuity offer. Continuity offers, and membership sites create stable monthly revenue that can help give a business the necessary cash flow to grow. Micro-continuity is a term used to describe low-cost recurring subscriptions for things like monthly newsletters, trainings, or even limited-edition products. Some of you might be thinking, Well, it’s easy to build continuity when you sell cloud-based software. And that’s true. Software as a service (or SAAS) is like the eighth wonder of the world. If you ever have a chance to build software in your business, you should. But it’s not required.

In order to make continuity work, you need to be able to give them something new (and scarce) each month. You also need a low barrier to entry. Continuity is hard to sell because you aren’t just charging a one-time fee, it’s an ongoing fee — and the pain of losing money each month can only be soothed if they are able to experience your offer and get that pleasure to compensate for the pain. Consider creating $1 trials with bonuses or attractive free + shipping offers to get people in the door so they can test out your membership, and make sure you have a great onboarding process that keeps them engaged right when their trial ends…so they will keep paying.

Secret #46 The Power Of The Secret

If you can’t get people to tell their friends about your stuff, try telling everyone to keep it a secret. Referral marketing is powerful. When you can get an audience to tell their friends and family about you, that word of approval shortens the sales process significantly. So, it’s important to learn how to get people to share things and talk about you! If you’re getting ready to launch something new, tell your closest fans and followers that it’s a secret and they should “not tell anyone.” Magically, the word will start spreading. Why? Because people love to share things that make them feel smart, make them laugh, or make them feel like they are “in the know.” Use the power of secret in your webinars and in your marketing to get people to share. What’s your secret that makes your customers wild with curiosity?

Secret #47 Resist The Urge To Argue Or Defend Yourself

When someone tells you WHY they won’t buy your offer, resist the urge to argue or defend yourself. It’s the worst thing you can do! When you are told to crush people’s objections, you shouldn’t do it with insults, disagreements, or defensive statements. Just the opposite. Listen to them. Agree with them. Fix what needs to be fixed and show them you have heard their fears. Then assuage them. Grant Cardone says that one of the number one rules of selling is to first agree with your prospect. It may feel counter-intuitive, but it works.

If someone emails you and says he can’t figure out your training or service, you should find a way to agree with them. Agreement. Validation. Then you go in for the sale. How about we schedule a call with one of our coaches who can guide you step-by-step? You’ll be able to ask questions, keep the recordings, and best of all…get it up and running the right way the first time. When you resist the urge to defend yourself, you might find a customer willing to pay more just to get their problem solved. Figure out why people aren’t giving you money, sympathize, and find a way to help them feel heard.

To be continued…

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