Top Marketing Secrets You Can Implement Right Now To Grow Your Business (Part 9)

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Secret #35 Be Consistently Generating New Client.

If you can’t consistently and profitably generate new clients, you’re in a terrible business. Get out. There’s no standing still in business. You’re either growing or dying. It’s just how the universe works. You get an apple and you set it out in the sun, what happens? It doesn’t bloom or become bigger, it deteriorates until it becomes gross apple sauce.

So, if you have a business with existing customers but aren’t continually getting new ones, it’s going to start deteriorating quickly. You want to be an expert. Maybe you don’t love selling, but all experts — regardless of industry or niche — need to learn how to sell. That is your first job as an entrepreneur. Figure out how to consistently and profitably get new people to give you money. Until you get to $1 million in your business, that is your job.

Secret #36 Teach Others to Grow Yourself

There’s no better way to understand what you do and what you know than by figuring out how to teach it. Then write a book about it to understand it at a deeper level. When you start writing a book, that’s the first time you really start to understand what you do. It forces you to dig deep.

You start to see connections and layers in your everyday activities that form patterns. And with those patterns, you can replicate what you do for someone else. It’s the most fascinating thing. When we get so good at a skill, we forget all the little steps and epiphanies it took us to get where we are. Teach it, write a book on it, and become more of an expert than you already are. You’ll see layers, themes, and patterns you took for granted.

Secret #37 Learn to Control State

The Epiphany Bridge is one of the most powerful concepts you can master on your journey to becoming an expert. You can read about it in detail in Expert Secrets. It’s all about state control. Have you had a friend tell you a story and they’re like, “The most amazing thing happened ever! It changed my whole life.” They tell you the thing and you’re like, “That’s it? Dude, that’s not a big deal.” Same thing happens when you have a bad dream and you try to tell someone about it the next day, but they look at you like you’re a wimp. The reason this happens is because you suck at storytelling and state control. Sorry, but it’s true.

The reason that dream or moment was so incredible was not because of WHAT happened, but because of HOW it made you feel — the state of being you were in when it happened. Tony Robbins teaches how to get into a state instantly. There are three components you need to get “into state” — your physiology, your focus, and your meaning. So, if you want to get into a happy state, you need to adjust what your body is doing, what you’re thinking about, and your active focus. When you tell stories, you must retrace your path back to the moment you had the epiphany about your product or service.

• What were you thinking about?

• What was your body doing?

• What were you focusing on?

• What happened that led up to that aha moment?

That’s how you create a new “state” for your prospects. When you get them to feel the same way you did, you can close the sale. Remember, people buy with emotions and then they justify the purchase with logic. Lead with your Epiphany Bridge story and use features and bonuses to help your prospect justify it.

Secret #38 Create a Culture of Validation

As you become an expert, people will start following you. Make sure you create a culture of validation and “small wins” to keep momentum in your customers. You can do this with your support staff and community managers. Create a celebratory culture of spotlighting the best people who are doing awesome things! In any movement, you’re going to have your shining stars. These are the people who are buying your products, taking action and getting great results. They will become your biggest evangelists and help you grow your tribe more and more. It’s essential that you learn how to create a company culture that validates these people.

Secret #39 Create Your Value Ladder

Your offers need to be organized into steps, so people can easily get to your most expensive item, buy it, and love it. Every offer should deliver value and requires a price related to that value. Naturally the more value you give, the higher the price tag. Every company needs a value ladder to organize their offers.

Most of us want to just give our customer the BEST and the BIGGEST value right off the bat. We do this because we know how transformational it is. We know it’s going to make a significant difference. But we forget that we haven’t earned all that trust just yet. Think about when you want to renovate a home. You plan to do one room at a time over the next five years and at the end of five years, you’ve got a beautiful home. And you’re so excited and you feel that value and transformation. And then your neighbour comes over and asks about the renovation. And you want to say, “Oh my gosh, just get it all done in one shot. It’s so amazing to have it done!” You’ve taken the journey, felt the transformation, and want to give that advice to your neighbour. Except they haven’t travelled that road yet. They don’t feel how you feel yet — all they see is dollar signs everywhere… bad contractors…living in a construction zone.

In business, you must see your customer’s journey. They need to pay a little and get value in return. That value should always exceed the price tag a little bit, because then they’ll come back for more. Each time they come back, the price (and the value) goes higher and deeper.

When you create a value ladder in your company, each offer should solve one problem and agitate another. If you sell someone a shirt, now they need the pants. Then the shoes…the belt…the jacket. Get creative. Do they need cuff links, a tie, a briefcase, cologne? If you’re a realtor, think about your homeowner. They need to sell their house, but maybe they need boxes to pack up all their stuff, renovation help, landscaping services. They need help with the house they will buy. The new neighbourhood, change of address, finding new doctors. Follow your customer’s journey from start to finish. If you’re already in business, find your most loyal, amazing customer and map out their journey. Watch how they went through your offers — what they bought first, second, third. Draw your value ladder and create your marketing strategy around it.

Secret #40 Create a Domino Effect

What is the ONE thing your customer wants from your offer? That one piece that if they get it, everything else falls into place. As you’re crafting your offer and your sales message, you’ll be tempted to feature ALL the bonuses and features and benefits. But you need to focus on just the ONE Big Domino first. This works in all areas of life and business, not just your offers.

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur whose desk is covered in to-do lists and you find yourself so busy all the time but accomplishing nothing, it’s because you haven’t found your one Big Domino. That ONE task that if you do it, will make all the others obsolete. You sell the ONE thing with emotion and once they are convinced, everything else justifies the buying decision. Look for your one Big Domino in all your offers and selling it will become much easier. There’s an entire chapter in Expert Secrets about the Big Domino. Get the book here.

To be continued…

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